Fond Food


It’s hard to find a quality Acai juice since it spoils quickly once harvested. Luckily the Sambazon company has an organic non-GMO choice available complete with a little bit of berry pulp too! Instead of a bush these berries grow on palm trees deep in the Amazon rainforest. Most people describe the somewhat thick juice flavor as “the love child of raspberries and grapes” with chocolate overtones. I’m definitely in love with the mellow but intriguing fruity flavor of Acai and often mix it in my smoothies( perfect with bananas or chia) or blend with Greek yogurt. 

This update of Fond Food is about Zola brand coconut nut water specifically the espresso version. image
An espresso made from combining the coconut water with espresso beans. I’m not normally a coffee fan but the combination was so intriguing I had to try it. I have to say I’m hooked! Not to the point where I think it’s better than plain coconut water but when I’m running low on energy this stuff acts fast to perk me up without the jitters and has great flavor. In my honest opinion Zola brand has the best flavor of coconut water on the market.

This is where I will add the best of the best in my opinion. Select dishes and snacks that I just can’t resist when I see them. First up is the snack Matcha Green Tea Pocky from Thailand!


A tea lovers dream these crunchy sticks are made of wheat flour and covered in matcha green tea icing.
These are my favorite but Pocky makes many varieties. The flavor is barely sweet, with a complex vegetal and astringent taste. I eat these anytime of day because even though green tea has caffeine it has L-theanine making it a stimulant and relaxant! – FC

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