This is how you celebrate springtime!


  Every year from April to September millions of blue crab molt their old hard shell for a new one. Not all market places or cities are close or lucky enough to be able to take part in this yearly event, atleast in a cost efficient way. This delicacy must be harvested at just the right time from the water before hardening. The mouth and abdomen is discarded along with the gills or “dead man’s fingers “for you old timers. After cleaning the crab you can eat it whole, typically deep fried or sauteed.

Medium pan seared strip steak rice and cornmeal fried soft shell crab

I always fry my soft shell in flour but this time I switched it up to a fine yellow corn meal. Some recipes call for an egg batter which I feel is tasty but can overshadow the delicate crispness of the fried shell. I should’ve used a better grade of cornmeal but altogether I think now I’m switching forever. Another note on switching forever! The strip steak you see was perfect melt in your mouth tender after the normal few minutes in the pan then finish in the oven with a rest time. The main difference between this steak and any other was the fact that it was all organic raised grass fed beef! I never thought I would truly be able to tell. I feel it had more flavor and more tenderness. It could’ve been the butter and rosemary I basted it in.


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