Cuisine prep for Japan

No doubt about it I’m going to Japan one day! It’s been a goal of mine for years and I’m feeling the travel bug hard now! This trip would be business before pleasure though! Please take a minute to read my story and mission to gain knowledge, business connections and meet amazing people. I figure I should get accustomed to some of the flavors of the country to reduce culture shock! So from time to time I’ll grab something from the land of the rising sun that I’ve never tried and share with you! I’ve decided to start out light with Mochi!

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of steamed short grain rice, pounded into a paste and molded into desired shape. The rice cake can be flavored or filled with a sweet paste, used as a dumpling, or covering for fresh fruit and ice cream.


I came across a pack of Mochi balls one half filled with sweet adzuki bean paste the other grassy, earthy matcha. Strange words for candy I agree! You can feel these things are super soft through the package, comparable to a marshmallow .

Red bean and matcha Mochi rice cakes

If you’re a food texture person then at first you may not like the gumminess of Mochi. With a texture somewhere between taffy and marshmallow the rice cake is often advised to be eaten in sections to avoid choking! That’s the kind of texture I’m dealing with here. Atleast it dissolves quick! I thought the flavor was good of both Mochi but the ice cream was definitely special. The Mochi surrounding the frozen dessert isn’t as gummy as the candy and is just a cool way to eat ice cream! Stay tuned for more cuisine samples from Japan and around the world!

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