Bacon Wrapped Trout Stuffed With Fresh Dill


“First knife skills. Then,knowing how to control heat. Most important is choosing the right product…the rest is simple.” -Justin Quek
      What better way to celebrate the springtime weather than fresh fish and herbs?! This is an easy way to turn an otherwise less flavorful fish into a quick,sexy,savory filling meal.  This recipe only uses 6 ingredients , four of which should always be in your kitchen . The dill works with the lemon to add a soft sweetness to the flesh while olive oil and bacon juices keep the meat irresistibly moist. I used uncured bacon with this fish because I didn’t  want the extra saltiness and added preservatives. If you worry about contaminants while eating fish you’ll be happy to hear trout has the lowest amounts of dioxin levels of all oily fish.

Bacon wrapped trout stuffed with dill

1 whole trout

Salt and pepper

4-5 sprigs dill

2-4 lemon slices

2-4 slice uncured bacon

2 tablespoons olive oil

      1. Pat fish dry and season with salt and pepper then stuff with dill sprigs.

      2. Lay lemon slices inside or on top of fish. Wrap fish with bacon slices nice and tight. 

      3. Heat up olive oil in a large pan and sear the fish on both sides to lightly crisp the bacon.

       4. Flip fish back to serving side and finish in preheated oven at 425degrees for about 20 minutes depending on size    Garnish with lemon and dill


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