After-dinner bubbly


Hard day at the office? Dinner deserve follow up drinks? Need more time with your date? Sometimes you just don’t want to go home and a well crafted cocktail is calling your name! This time for me it was a much needed nightcap and preview of Coopers Hawk Winery in Columbus, OH! I’ve heard nothing but good about this place and will do a full review at a later date. This time I felt severely under dressed in my typical sandals, shorts and t-shirt! I took note to atleast wear khakis and real shoes next time. I wasn’t too bothered by it as I was in awe of the wine and beverage list!
Strange enough Champagne is what caught my eye tonight. Blanc de blanc Champagne is made from white wine specifically Chardonnay. It’s bright, fruity but not too sweet, and effervescent! I needed something stronger than that today though! The bartender steered me in the right direction. I don’t remember the name of the drink just the ingredients.  I’m not sure if I forgot because the drink was strong or I was too excited about my selection! Blanc de blanc Champagne paired with Remy Martin VSOP, lemon twist, and a sugar cube for extra Bubbly effect! I am familiar with Remy Martin and expected it to overpower the lemon and Champagne. The combination of lemon twist and sugar cube helps mask the potency of the Remy while leaving complexity of flavor that lingers yet satisfies on the pallete! Needless to say after dinner and just one of these powerful and tasty concoctions I was satisfied and ready to call it a night! – FC

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