5 Important Dining and Dating tips

Some things are obvious like don’t chew with your mouth full, use proper cutting technique or even to remember to not slurp the last drops of creamy lobster bisque! But throughout my career and personal life so far I have gathered five things which I believe to be rising
in importance of our etiquette and respect for whomever we select to date.

5. Never disrespect your server.
This one should be obvious but something about paying for a meal or ordering in front of people makes some folk act down right mean. I’ve heard the nastiest most demeaning words come out towards servers. Any problem can be fixed in the kitchen without the attitude. Most of the time these uncouth people will only be satisfied with a complimentary meal or atleast a dessert. This behavior makes you look unstable (at the very least) instead of powerful .

4. Bring a freshener
I remember one of my first movie dates and the girl got up to grab what I thought was going to be popcorn. A few minutes go by and she returns with a smile on her face ” You want a pickle” she said? Why? Why WOULD I want a pickle? I never knew they even sold pickles! I use to like them but “NO THANKS”. They make your breath less than desirable and the kisses will be sour! Of course this is the part where she wants to lock lips! I always carry some sort of freshener for dates. Don’t worry about it too much. If something looks good eat it! As long as you make the attempt to cover any lingering smells you won’t offend anyone.

3. Don’t gawk

I’ve asked bartenders and servers about what they think is a big offense people make while on dates in restaurants and the consensus is gawking. According to them the wandering of the eyes is mostly a male trait. Atleast so blatantly (women are more sly with it). If someone takes time out their life to spend with you you owe them 100%attention (within reason). Make them feel like you really wanted their time and are happy to have it. Focus!

2. Thank you, Thank you
You can’t really say thank you enough on a date. Let the other person know you don’t expect but appreciate them paying for the meal, drink, dessert whatever it is be thankful!  It’s not sucking up, it let’s the other person feel appreciated and willing to experience more with you.

1. Respect the cuisine
If you have not selected the restaurant but have no special requirements by all means ORDER OFF THE MENU! Whoever wanted to take you to this nice restaurant wanted you to try something along the lines of what the establishment is known for not something off the kids menu. If your at an Indian restaurant make an attempt to order something ethnic. It’s Easier than you! Don’t order pork chops and then ask for ketchup ( I once had a server yell at my date for brutalizing Vietnamese cuisine). Thus is what I mean by respect the cuisine.

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