The other side of happy hour!

  First off let me say sorry for being away so long!  I’ve been hitting the gym hard as well as sampling the cuisine and nightlife. The rare occasion happened when me and a coworker both had the day off. We ended up at Lindey’s in the historic German Village in Columbus, OH. Although established in 1981 Lindey’s feels like you stepped into a 1950s upscale restaurant. Everything shines, leather seats, and the bartenders wear long sleeves and tucked in ties.

Honey sriracha wings and truffle fries

Our sampling began with honey sriracha wings and truffle fries. This was my first time having truffle oil fries and although pleasing they were overshadowed by the wings. Under the sticky sweet glaze that didn’t drip off was the amazing crisp skin. The thing about these wings is they didn’t get soggy as they cooled!
For dinner I ordered Tempranillo red wine and beef carpaccio. My wine choice was based solely on the fact that I never seen Tempranillo on any other wine list in the area.



Tempranillo is the dimunitive of the Spanish Temprano (“early”), a reference to the fact that it ripens earlier than other Spanish grapes. Tempranillo has low acidity and sugars so is often blended with merlot or cabernet to liven the flavor profile. The aromas and flavors can include plum, berries, tobacco, leather, and vanilla. I definitely get a berry aroma followed by a plum like flavor.


Most people know I rarely eat beef but I have heard so much of this dish it’s been on my list for awhile now! The Italian version of sushi, beef Carpaccio, is thinly sliced beef marinated in olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, topped with mushrooms, parmesan, and spicy arugula. So simple but so satisfying!


Do like I did and take advantage of happy hour at various places to sample the atmosphere and goods for cheap and save money for dates and business dinners . Then when your ready for date night you are familiar with all the restaurants in the area.

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