Lemon Rosemary Pine Nut Tart, Pistachia Vera

  I love sweets, especially Lemon desserts, but my diet and budget don’t always allow for such delicacies as of late. You see these pictures were taken a week ago moments before I consumed this delicate lemon masterpiece. If thoughts of lemon meringue pie hit your taste buds please disregard the notion! This is another level entirely. The crust is blended with Pine nuts and Rosemary and has a salty crisp finish. The lemon curd is well balanced, refreshing and silky smooth. My personal favorite thing about this dessert is the candied Lemon rind in the center! I usually take them off to save with the last piece just so I can chew a couple seconds longer. This is a perfect marriage of stimulating ingredients and all I want is more!!! Is that a bad thing though? Rosemary does help alleviate upset stomachs and we know lemon to be an all purpose restorative. So I’m thinking next time I’ll get maybe four tarts instead of two and save them for freezing cold off days like today! – FC


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