Keemun black green tea

  Hello and thank you for stopping by!
The last time I cooked for you I mentioned how I was exhausted after preparing the snapper and headed to my couch theater. I was feeling like an action film so I put in Jackie Chan’s Supercop from my movie stash and headed to the kitchen. It was then I realized both my next post and the fact I didn’t want tea.
   You see the tea plant is Camellia Sinesis. Otherwise known as green tea! Green tea is prepared in many different ways to produce the forms black, oolong and white. Among other things green tea has been proven to help induce meditative states, improve memory and make you more aware of your surroundings! Green tea is absolutely worth time examining on your own. Among the four kinds you will find atleast one your fond of. I will revisit green tea another day though.
   What I wanted was a tisane! A tisane is a brew of anything other than the true tea plant Camellia Sinesis. These tisanes are single herbs or blends that have all sorts of applications mental and physical. I can vouch for peppermint, lemon, and chamomile being relaxing while ginger opens your pores, gets the blood pumping and warms the insides.

Ready for winter

  I decided since I hate going to sleep on even movies I’ve seen before I had better add a spark to my lemon tea. Ginger Lemon upgrade! Yes all I did was combine two bags of each. In addition to being full of antioxidants, phytochemicals, and flavonoids, as a chef I am intrigued by the possible applications of tea/tisanes in cuisine. You can steam, bake, smoke, or poach with tea for exceptionally unique and flavorful dishes.

Green tea pancakes

The particular lemon tisane I like has hibiscus, rosehip, roasted chicory, orange peel, lemongrass, and lemon peel. It’s distinctly lemon without being tart or overbearing. I can’t wait to design a tea entree! I’m thinking duck, shrimp, or chicken? Have you had or prepared a dish with tea before? I have a few dessert recipes I will have to post when the oven gets fixed. If you like this please like it and follow!   – FC

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