Sazon blackened red snapper with spiced pineapple pork belly and rice and beans


Yesterday I planned on baking this beautiful red snapper I picked up from the international market with fresh herbs and veggies. When I informed my roommate of the fish dinner plans he told me that our oven is on the fritz! I checked and confirmed but atleast the stove top works!
There was no way I was going to freeze my fresh fish so I settled for a pan fry. This of course required me to go grab a deep enough pan to fry my snapper correctly and another trip to the store.


I seasoned my fish with a special sazon blend from the market. Sazon is a popular Latin spice blend of coriander, black pepper, salt, oregano, cumin, and garlic powder. The key ingredient is achiote or annatto. It’s scent is described as “slightly peppery with a hint and nutmeg” and it’s flavor as “slightly nutty, sweet and peppery”. I also added it to my rice for extra flavor and color. You will probably see me use a lot of this spice blend!



So at first I was only doing the blackened snapper with rice and pigeon peas. Then I got the idea to put some ponzu sauce I had to use. Ponzu sauce is a citrus based sauce used in Japanese cuisine. It is made with mirin, rice vinegar, tuna flakes, seaweed and a citrus juice. I reduced a can of pineapple rings, the ponzu sauce and red pepper together until thick and saucey.


In the meantime, I pulled out some uncured bacon otherwise known as pork belly and seasoned and fried that with a Chinese five spice blend I got from the market. Chinese five spice is a blend of different proportions of star anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, Szechuan pepper, fennel seeds, and this one has the addition of Mandarin orange peel. The fatty yet crisp pork belly and blackened snapper pair excellently with the spicy pineapple and rice.



So needless to say after all this preparation and eating I had no motivation to go out. I created an island meal in my apartment but it’s still the middle of November outside!  Its time for hot tea and a movie now. If u like this please like it and follow!

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